Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Blume Jewelry: Wear What Inspires You!

At Uppercase Living, we want to uplift and inspire others. Our purpose is to strengthen and brighten lives on a daily basis through our unique and meaningful products. As you may have heard Blume, our exclusive line of jewelry that lets you wear and share what matters most, is now available!

One of the best features of Blume is the ability to customize your jewelry with our embellishments to add names, initials, or symbols to almost any piece for a personal touch!

Use the MyDesign Bangle to...

Create a unique gift for the bride-to-be...

Display the date that your precious angel was born...

 Or just show some team spirit!


You can 
view all the Blume jewelry pieces and place an order on my Uppercase Living Demonstrator website! You can also go here to see a virtual Blume catalog with detailed descriptions of each piece.

As always, don't hesitate to
contact me with any questions, to host an Uppercase Living Open House, or to find out about the Uppercase Living opportunity!

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