Wednesday, September 28, 2011

End of the Month Couponing Chores

Another month is almost over...TIME IS FLYING! Here's a few quick couponing chores to wrap up the month and get ready for next!

Print any coupons you may be interested in
Take a quick glance at the sites below to make sure there aren't any coupons you want that might disappear at the end of the month.
Coupon Network
Saving Star

Watch the Rite Aid Video Values
Be sure to watch those Rite Aid videos and grab any Video Values coupons you might need next month. These coupons will only be available until today, 8/27, but will not expire until the end of September! And they can be stacked with manufacturer coupons. Take a look at School of Savings - Rite Aid Shopping to find out more.

Get your empty ink cartidges to Staples
Don't forget to turn in those empty ink cartidges to Staples by the end of the month! You'll get $2 per recycled ink cartridge next month up to a total of 10 cartridges. You can find out all about this program and how to make LOTS of money recycling these cartridges in my School of Savings - Staples Shopping post.

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