Saturday, October 1, 2011

GOING FAST! Angry Birds Adult & Child Halloween Costumes

UPDATE - Since I first posted this last week there are already a few Angry Birds costumes that have sold out for the season!  So if this is your costume of choice is, I would act fast!  :)

Now here's a set of costumes that are sure to sell out quick! Is your family as obsessed with the Angry Birds game as mine? My 3-year-old son takes over my phone every chance he gets!

Head to to grab your favorite Angry Birds costume. There are both adult and child sizes available for $49.99. There are a few coupon codes you can use to get a pretty good deal...

  • Use code buyc5 to get $5 off $50 or more
  • Use code buyc10 to get 10 off $75 or more
  • Use code buyc15 to get $15 off $100 or more
  • Use code buyc2011 to get 10% off $40 or more
  • Use code BOGO25 to get 25% off a second costume when you buy one
  • Sign up for emails to get 15% off
  • Get FREE shipping when you spend $60

There are also masks available in many of the Angry Bird characters if you weren't looking for a full costume. These are $29.99!

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