Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Kindles for $17.91? Playstation3 for $26.54? Insane Right? Don't Miss NoMoreRack.com's Insanity Deals!

You may have heard by now that the rumors about NoMoreRack.com having sales so ridiculous they're insane is true!  Last night the Insanity Deals kicked off with Kindles being sold for $17.91 and Playstation 3's going for $26.54!  As far as the best chance to grab them, I have no idea!  Haha! 

There's no schedule for when they'll appear so you'll really just have to be in the right place at the right time!  There will be 1,000 of these deals per month.  I can tell you that without being a member you don't have a chance, so sign up today and be ready for an Insanity Deal to pop up! 

Sign up and then click on the "Insanity Deals" tab at the top to see all the items that will sold at extemely low prices.

Trust me, you will drive yourself insane clicking the "refresh" button every few minutes if you're anything like me!! :)

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