Thursday, November 10, 2011

Start Your Own Uppercase Living Business for Only $49!

Beginning November 1 at noon MT through November 30, new Demonstrators can join Uppercase Living for only $49! This price applies to each of our Starter Kits—Uppercase Complete, Expressions, or Blume—for a savings of up to $250 at sign up.

Once you join, you’ll have the entire UpStart period (90 days!) to keep your sign-up savings. Hit your UpStart and you won’t have to pay the remainder on the price of your Starter Kit—you can earn it by achieving all the levels in the UpStart Program.* The best part is the UpStart Program awards you with $100 in cash when you hold your first Open House within 30 days, and submit $1200 in your first 90 days. So, you’ll receive an amazing deal on your starter kit AND have $100 in your pocket!

Basically, to complete your UpStart you would have 3 goals to meet:

  1.  Goal: Submit at least one party order ($200+) within your first 30 days.  Reward: $25 cash plus $56 in commission = $81
  2. Goal: Submit a total of $1200+ in sales within your first 90 days.  Reward: $75 cash plus $280 in commission = $355
  3. Goal: Share your new business opportunity and recruit ONE or more new demonstrators.  Reward: $50 Product credit for each new recruit (the amount you can earn is unlimited.

We’re rewarding new Demonstrators for hitting the ground running this fall. If you’ve got a passion for uplifting others, contact me at and find out how you can be part of our movement!

So in Saving by Design terms it looks like this...  :)
Pay $49!
Complete your UpStart! goals and get back $100!
Final cost $51 money-maker just for joining my team!  Woohoo!

 *If UpStart is not achieved, your credit card will be charged for the remaining balance on your Starter Kit ($200 for Expressions and Blume Starter Kits, and $250 for the Uppercase Complete Starter Kit) on your 91st day.

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