Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Giveaway Link Up...LOTS of Giveways to Enter!

 If you love giveaways, you'll love this!  Lots of awesome giveaways all in one place!

If you are a blogger, list your Giveaway below to share with TONS of readers!!! If you SHARE this link to your page this week…send the permalink to Enza’s Bargains and ONE lucky page owner will get to have their page featured next week! This Link Up is going to get bigger and bigger each week!!!

1.  We ask that you show some love to the Link Up Co-Hosts by stopping by to say “Hi” and following them on their fan page:

2. LOVE LOVE LIKE This Link Up?!?

If you have a page please SHARE this link up with your fans!

3. Everyone enter ALL the contests and HAVE fun!!!

(If you submit a giveaway we would love for you to share this linky with your readers!!! Not mandatory, but fun for ALL because we ALL LOVE WINNING!!!!) Please make your “Link Title” the name of your prize and include ending date!

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